At Metsovaara, consistent quality and exemplary service are provided as standard. We aim to produce a high-quality fabric that will stand the test of time. We have built long-term relationships with our suppliers and undertake strict quality control protocols and testing to ensure this. Our current procedures include Quality standard ISO 9001 Certification.

Bringing the full picturePositive impacts on people and planet

The textile industry is a truly global one that flows across borders and continents. But despite the many links of a worldwide supply chain, we still aim to provide full transparency. Because in the end, our customers deserve to know the origin of our products and the environmental impact they produce. It’s a complex task that we are determined to complete.
Regenerate together through transparency is Metsovaara’s commitment to accelerating positive change and responsible business conduct while pushing the boundaries of high-quality textiles through design and innovation. 
If the last seventy years have taught us anything, positive change doesn’t happen by chance but by inspiring others and leading by example.
So when it comes to the pressing and all-important issues of sustainability and running a responsible company, we come well prepared and ready to lead. Based on our founding principles of longevity, timeless design, and human empowerment, we are proud to share our new 3-part strategy that raises our sustainability goals and commitments to new inspiring highs.

If the last seventy years have taught us anything, positive change doesn’t happen by chance but by inspiring others and leading by example.

The timeless design brings joy for generations to come

We are committed to making desirable products and garments that are never just thrown away. Through timeless design and long-lasting quality, our goal is to inspire meaningful relationships that continue through generations.

Designing beyond trends

Metsovaara’s design philosophy is independent of changing trends. It is a genuine heritage brand with a fascinating story that will generate many fans worldwide. It’s rooted in an optimistic lifestyle and genuine ideas and products for interior design to inspire through timeless and functional design into a versatile but coherent entirety.
There’s a wide variety of genuine ideas from Marjatta Metsovaara for interior design, home textiles, and even easy-to-buy fashionable home decoration items.

“At Metsovaara we make timeless and lasting products, which, by chance, are often very fashionable and ahead of our time”.

— Marjatta Metsovaara, Founder of Metsovaara

Making things that last

To earn its place globally, we believe that any Metsovaara product should be created to bring years of joy and value to its owner(s). A long-lasting product is also a more sustainable product. 
Before launching a new Metsovaara product, it undergoes rigorous testing to meet our demanding quality standards. Some of the things we test for include fabric shrinkages, colorfastness, and abrasion resistance. Additionally, we aim to keep the share of quality claims of sold products below 0.4% – less than 1 in 200.

A lifelong love affair

The most sustainable piece of clothing is the one you already own. And that’s because even the greenest garment still requires resources to produce and transport to a store or your home. In other words, buying high-quality fabrics and using them for as long as possible is the simplest yet most impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint. 

Take care

When properly cared for, your Metsovaara products will last for years. And not only is good care an excellent way to increase the lifespan and sustainability of an item, but it also keeps colors vibrant and generally makes for more joyful ownership. Check out our comprehensive care guide and discover how easy it is.

We aim to keep the share of quality claims of sold products below 0.4% – less than 1 in 200.

Give new life to your products.

It is timeless and durable. Explore the many ways a Metsovaara product can bring joy to others when you are ready to pass it on.

What you can do to a pre-loved product?


Metsovaara products are popular on the 2nd hand market. Sell your item and make a little money at the time.


Help your favorite charity by donating items you no longer use. And imagine the joy they will bring to the new happy owners.

Could you pass it on?

Treasured objects tell stories and evoke shared memories. Ask your friends or family members if your item could be their new treasure.


A swap party with friends is a popular and cost-free way to bring new things home while bringing joy to others.


Perhaps that old tablecloth can be turned into pillowcases? The possibilities are endless. We authorise anyone to make creations from our fabrics and sell these.


When your Metsovaara textile product is beyond repair, please deposit it where the materials can be recycled appropriately. When you Google Metsovaara you will see endless creations from textile fans.

Discover more about 
sustainability at Metsovaara

We have a bold ambition of leaving no burden for coming generations. This means that future Metsovaara products should be made in compliance with the principles of a circular economy. 

We are already investing and innovating in new technologies, materials, and how we operate our business. And powerful collaborations are the way to drive these changes. Not just for us as a company but for the entire industry.

Products leave an environmental footprint throughout their lifetime. Learn how we work to increase the level of sustainability during each stage. 

Finding better materials and dyes

While quality and durability have always been vital criteria for us, the environmental footprint is an increasingly important factor when choosing materials for our products. In particular, we are looking for materials that require fewer resources to produce while also suitable for recycling.

By 2025, we will reduce the environmental impact of textile materials by no less than 30%. But it doesn’t end here. We aim for even more ambitious targets through innovation and new material technologies in 2030.

Initiatives we’re currently pursuing.

  • Substitute more chemicals with greener alternatives.

  • Move towards recycled/reusable packaging materials will ensure that by 2024 none of our packaging contains virgin plastic or cardboard.

  • Reduce fabric, plastic, and other waste. 

Taking a greener route 

Transporting materials and delivering products to our stores or your preferred address still accounts for a considerable part of our total environmental impact. We are committed to taking the necessary actions to gain further reductions, and we kindly ask for your help.