Alvar Aalto

Finlandia Hall (1967 – 1971) was Alvar Aalto’s late-period masterpiece. Marjatta Metsovaara designed chair fabrics by Aalto’s views and wishes. Marjatta wrote down the description of the material by Aalto:
“Listen, the fabric of Finlandia Hall should be blue, with a bit like a spider web on it. And it should be elegant, but it shouldn’t be too dominant … though it should have so much surface that it would be an advantage for the acoustics of the place. It should also be as durable as leather. “

Marjatta designed the fabric with a thin nylon warp with pitch binding and realized the best technical properties such as lightfastness and abrasion resistance, and safety against fire during the design stage. According to Alvar Aalto, the chair fabric was exactly what suited the Finlandia Hall, emphasizing monumentality and individuality.

The cooperation between Alvar Aalto and Marjatta Metsovaara was enjoyable because the overall design represented by Aalto did not give much space to artists trained in the art industry, even on large construction sites. However, Alvar Aalto had Artek as a subcontractor.

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